Putting your wedding on hold is something you may decide for a number of reasons, some personal, some because of timing, and some because you’re feeling a whole lot of unusual stress and anxiety. But no matter what your reason, once you’ve made the difficult decision of pausing the nuptials, you’ve got to let wedding guests know. To make that part the least awkward as possible, here are five suggested ways of handling that sticky situation like a pro.

Images: jecabridal.com.au

Images: jecabridal.com.au

1. Ask a Friend to Take Charge

If you feel strange or even embarrassed letting your guests know that your wedding is being put on hold, ask a close friend or family member to help you out by spreading the word. Give them direction on what you’d like them to say and even what the alternate wedding date is, if you’ve already gone ahead and found one.

2. Go with Email

Picking up the phone may feel like a punch in the gut during this time, but sending something in the mail may cost you too much extra money (or you need it sent out ASAP). Instead, go with an easy option and send out an update to your guests through email.

3. Stay Vague

No matter what the reason was that you decided to postpone the wedding, you can stay vague and just let your guests know that as of right now, your wedding has been put on hold. You’ll be in touch with an update soon! Take any and all emotion and explanation out of it, if you don’t want to over share.

4. Act Fast

Alerting your guests about this change may be the last thing you’re in the mood to do at this time, but the longer you wait, the longer you risk some of them making travel arrangements that’ll be costly for them to change.

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